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Wood Destroying Insects (Termites)

 It's amazing how much damage small pests can cause to a home! A wood-destroying insect (WDI) inspection is done simultaneously with the general home inspection. Like a general home inspection, a WDI inspection is non-invasive and is performed without moving furniture, stored items, insulation, ceiling tiles, etc. If signs of WDI are observed, I'll recommend that you contact a pest control professional for treatment, and if needed, a general contractor to repair structural damage. 

Estimated Cost:

$65 with home inspection 


Radon is a naturally occurring gas known to cause lung cancer. According to the US Environmental Protection Agency, "radon is a health problem with a simple solution." Testing equipment is placed inside the home for 48 hours. Within a few days of the testing conclusion, you will receive results. A mitigation system is recommended when radon levels are 4.0 picoCuries per liter (pCi/L) or above. 


Estimated Cost:

$140 with home inspection (Lehigh & Northampton Counties) 


Buying a home with a septic system? You may first want to ask the homeowner for service records to know if the system has been recently checked.

Estimated Costs:

$350 Septic Inspection (over and above a visual inspection)

$425 Hydraulic Load Testing (homeowner's water is NOT used)

$700 bundle for inspection and hydraulic load testing 


During a general home inspection, any visible signs of mold will be noted in the report.


Mold is a tricky thing - some are toxic and others are not. Some require professional remediation and some may be cleaned by the homeowner. If you wish to have air or surface samples taken as part of the home inspection, we will connect you with one of our trusted and objective partners.


Estimated Cost: Call for estimate



We are unable to offer well inspections (pump, filter, etc.), however, we are happy to arrange for well water testing (or public water, for that matter). Two tests are recommended:

bacteriological water test and chemical water test. 

Estimated Cost (both tests):

$200 (add lead testing for $25)


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